Compare and Constrast Essay

The Never Ending Battle: Looks vs. Personality
Physical beauty and inner beauty are both appealing traits, which have been fighting a continuous battle for the throne. Some let physical beauty win over inner beauty, and others let inner beauty win over physical beauty, and very few have both- but in their hearts, one is still slightly above the other. Physical beauty is exterior beauty, which is pleasing to the eye. Inner beauty relates to an individual’s personality and character traits, which are pleasing to the heart.

Though physical beauty and inner beauty are made to seen as being worlds apart, they do have some surprising similarities. First and foremost, contrary to common belief, physical beauty and inner beauty- can be acquired later in a person’s life. As a person grows older and develops into a more mature and wise individual, their inner beauty may increase due to their years of experience. The same can be said for physical beauty; a person may develop attractive features as they get older or simply change the way they dress or look as they mature, which might increase their physical beauty. Both physical beauty and inner beauty, unfortunately, do not necessarily have to last forever- as you age, your physical beauty may decrease because of the loss of a youthful appearance. Inner beauty also does not have to last forever, as your personality goes through many changes over your lifetime- for better or for worse. Also, another similarity between physical beauty and inner beauty is that there is no real standard for either, every individual views it differently and has a different opinion on what is their standard of beauty. Different people have different preferences when it comes to a certain type of look or a certain type of personality, so there is no way to have the perfect look or perfect personality, and it is impossible to please everyone. Finally, when a person has inner beauty, it generally translates into physical beauty over the course of time. When inner beauty is present, though your looks may not change, when a person has a beautiful personality, they are beautiful people.

The first difference between physical beauty and inner beauty is that inner beauty by itself is enough for other people, but physical beauty has to be accompanied by inner beauty, or else it is a waste. It is impossible to rely solely on your looks to get others to genuinely like you. Whereas, with personality, it does not always need anything to accompany it, as it is good enough by itself. Secondly, although looks seem to get more attention than personality, this is in some cases true, but almost always, personality is what keeps the attention. Physical beauty may give someone their fifteen minutes of fame, but inner beauty gives someone a lifetime of ‘fame’. Lastly, though all human beings are vain up to a certain extent, more importance should be paid to inner beauty rather than physical beauty, because all humans also have a need for love- the genuine kind.

Physical beauty and inner beauty are two completely different things, but they do share some similarities, as well as differences. As every different person has a different opinion about these two forms of beauty, it is hard to say which one everyone gives more importance to, but most people can appreciate inner beauty because it is relatable and genuine. Though both physical beauty and inner beauty do not always last forever, enjoy it while you can, but do not take advantage of it. Physical beauty may have its perks, but inner beauty is more reliable and its advantages in the long run are far better.


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